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Dear Customer:

            There are many customers who did not see the previous announcement,The new website will be updated in the next few days, and the new website uses a different e-commerce platform. The previous website building platform used shopyy. They don’t support exporting user data, so re-registration may be required, but I’m sure this platform will be a better experience.

             If you want to know the previous order data, you can visit https://huipin.ishopyy.com/,Website data will be kept for one year,
About Shipping,I will open it up after I relist,And there will be discounts, but all orders will be shipped after February 8th.

             Regarding the Polish warehouse, since the goods have not yet arrived in Poland, the setup has not yet started. After the goods arrive in Poland, I will list all the products in the warehouse

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  1. Oemer

    That is very good news. As a customer from Europe I am very happy to hear that there will be goods available from the Ploish warehouse.

    • 3634935

      Hi,But this time not have send too much,I need to try it,if all ok i will send more

  2. togemini

    When do you expect to be done creating all the sets? A lot of sets from the last shop are still missing. :-)

  3. oemer

    please let us know when the goods arrive in Poland and when we can filter the list according to the warehouse on your website.
    Thank you for your efforts.

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