About the account does not show the order

I just confirmed,This problem is caused by placing an order directly without a registered account.I have turned off the purchase permission of the guest, and I need to register before I can purchase. If the order is placed by a registered user and the order is not displayed, please contact me.

Although the order is not displayed in the customer account, it is displayed normally in our background, we will ship normally, and the tracking number will be synchronized to the paypal account.

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  1. Giangdt

    I cannot make register for new account. The website keep telling me that ERROR.

    One other thing is that will you ship to Vietnam?

    • 3634935

      need tell me which one you need?

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About Ferrari Daytona SP3

At present, we have received news that many manufacturers are producing,And the price is very different, there will be a price war now,So I suspend the pre-sale, customers who have already booked, I will refund the difference,The price has not yet been determined, and it is estimated that it will reach a very low price.